2013 / by Jenna Miller

New Years Eve, 2013 | Sandy, Utah

New Years Eve, 2013 | Sandy, Utah

I have spent the last three weeks really thinking about what I wanted to do in 2013. 

How could I grow? How could I become better? What was important? What wasn't important? What was I going to spend my time doing? What was I going to get rid of? What would I say yes to and what would I say no to? What worked about 2012 and what didn't? What makes me truly happy? What fires me up? What should I interact with and what should I steer clear of?

Now I am eleven days in and I could care less that I didn't start on the first of January because I think what I have come up with will help me make this year one of the best in my life. The best I can be personally, physically and with photography as both an educator and artist.

In 2013 I want to become and accomplish:

  • Be myself always and don't be afraid of that
  • Spend more time outside
  • More time to things that matter most to me
  • Give to photography (this involves a lot of different things)
  • Perfect my teaching
  • Get my work out there as much as I can
  • Develop some of the new talents I have found
  • Finish a passionate project (secret for now)
  • Be more charitable
  • Read more 
  • Stop worrying so much
  • Get rid of soda
  • Focus on being content with now
  • Less taken advantage
  • Love everyone a little more
  • Simplify my lifestyle and be more organized
  • Keep a better record of my life 
  • Health
  • Travel 
  • Prepare always
  • Sleep better
  • Take a step back from social media often
  • Brand myself better
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Less envy, more gratitude