The Photo Pharm / by Jenna Miller

Back in August I closed a chapter in my life --

It was a lifestyle blog that I used to write out the day to day of mine and my husband's life. Originally it was something that contained an honest interpretation of our life and then as it went on to become more popular I noticed that I was constantly forcing myself to take it in a direction where our life wasn't going. A direction that seemed the right way to move for the rest of the blogging world. That eventually wore me down and I no longer wanted to keep a record of our lives at all. 

Since making husbandandme an archive I have realized that I really do want to blog about our lives -- it's something I enjoy and something I want to do. But it has to make sense for us. Not the blogging world. 

So I took the time to really make it ours over the past few months and decide what would it would be and what it wouldn't be. And I'm completely satisfied.

It launches today! Go check it out.